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The trailer of the movie come out? I'm so lost right now lol

It didnt sweetie!

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Ino Yamanaka for Les
October 20 + 603


she’s so pretty i had to do a thing. 

October 20 + 503

queenino​​ asked:

karin uzumaki or ino yamanaka

You’ve grown up to be the embodiment of the Yamanaka clan’s purple crest, the bush clover, and what it symbolizes…
October 20 + 770

”I cannot show such weakness in front of the person i admire most!”

October 20 + 477


I had feels for this trio. He could’ve done so much more with them :(

October 20 + 1050


no but

anyone thought about thelast!kiba without the jacket?

October 20 + 913


man uchiha itachi really makes me sad

that kid was literally abused for most of his life by his family when they placed him into violent situations from age four, then he spend the rest of his life pressured by his whole family, growing up isolated and traumatised, being pushed…

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Posting before I change my mind 

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